MLB pitcher Mark Buehrle using spring training to promote pet adoption

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Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle is in Arizona with his team for the Major League Baseball spring training slate. He and his wife Jamie are working with to promote adoption and are featured in a billboard campaign featuring the message –  “When it comes to saving pets, we’re all on the same team.”

Buehrle is quoted in a article as saying, “Our dogs are a huge part of our family, and you can find any kind of dog you want at a shelter on We adopted a purebred Viszla, and it’s obvious how grateful he is. He just knows that we saved him.”

There it is again, a statement suggesting rescued pets know they’ve been rescued and are grateful. The message is spreading.

One thought on “MLB pitcher Mark Buehrle using spring training to promote pet adoption

  1. I first learned of who Mark Buehrle was when I started playing in an annual Buehrle Golf Classic, sponsored by his cousin Chris and Chris’s wife, Becky. Gracious, caring people. For the past 20 years they have sponsored this event to raise money for cancer research, most recently for the John Wayne Cancer Institute and the Siteman Cancer Center, raising over $100K for the past 5 years. I am becoming a fixture there.

    I saw Buehrle-signed memorablia in the silent auction and learned of the relationship to Mark. I am not surprised by his actions. This entire family has exhibited a tremendous amount of giving. And caring.

    And one thing Mark Buehrle taught me was that even a lifelong Detroit Tiger fan can cheer for the White Sox while Mark is pitching. Well, unless he’s pitching against the Tigers.

    Kudos to Mark and Jamie Buehrle!!

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