Legislative update – abuse, gas chambers and dog fighting

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Beckham’s Act is one of a trio of bills introduced recently in the Alabama legislature – and no, it has nothing to do with soccer.

Beckham’s Act would ban the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals in the state. Beckham is a dog that survived a gas chamber in Cullman County. He was placed in the chamber with a number of other dogs, lived through the horrible process and now lives with a family in Maine.

According to the article in the Birmingham News, two additional animal-related bills are up for votes. One would create a state registry for animal abusers and the other could require those accused of dog fighting to pay for the care of the dogs until the case is decided.

If these three bills make to through the complete process, Alabama could be up for a Pack of Justice Award.

An article on RGJ.com reports a bill “would make aggravated and intentional animal cruelty a felony in Nevada, as it is in more than 40 other states.”

It is troubling to read also that it is currently a felony in the state to engage in cruelty to show dogs, but it is only a misdemeanor for similar acts committed against other dogs. The bills will close that gap.

The story in the RGJ website that prompted this legislation is even more troubling.

One thought on “Legislative update – abuse, gas chambers and dog fighting

  1. There should have been a warning on the RGJ report. Horrific.

    Perhaps people are finally waking to the need for strong legislation and harsher penalties for the abusers of animals. For too long, they have gotten off far too lightly. Thanks for posting these!

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