Canada’s fisheries division continues to defend its support for cruelty to seal pups

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After a decade of writing about all things animal and concerning stories relating to the abuse of animals, I’ve run across the gamut of story lines. But the people who attempt to defend cruel acts perpetrated against  animals take the prize for putrid punditry.

There are a list of acts on this planet that have no defense. So when some people try to defend dog fighting or greyhound racing or puppy mills or clubbing seal pups to death for profit, they have nothing logical at all to use to support their positions.

This is the case for Canada’s fisheries division and its leader, Gail Shea. I pointed to this story on Saturday, but I found another article this morning about her putrid punditry.

You see Canada and Norway are playing crybaby over the European Union’s ban on seal products. The European Union doesn’t want to see products sold in its region of the world that are born from this level of cruelty.

Canada’s position would be like a dog-fighting league going to Congress to complain that laws banning this horrible practice are unfair to people who enjoy getting their sick jollies watching cruelty. Or would people who produce the infamous “crush videos” be so bold as to go back to Congress to complain a ban is unfair because it eliminated sales to the perverted? Maybe, but they’d be wrong.

So the European Union does the right thing and bans products produced by cruel acts, something well within its right. But Canada is crying “no fair – you can’t ban our cruel products.” Maybe the Canadian government hates people who don’t wear fur?

So here we go again. Canada has filed a grievance against the European Union’s import ban on seal products and that grievance will be heard in front of a World Trade Organization panel.

Nunatsiaq Online quotes Canada’s federal fisheries minister Gail Shea as saying – “Canada is deeply disappointed that the European Union has ignored its international trade obligations with this measure.” So she thinks other countries should be obligated to buy seal products. What a pitiful position to take.

Shea has nothing to go on, so she’s going to this empty position. And in a statement released Friday, Canada’s delegation to the WTO pleads – “the facts are that the Canadian seal harvest is lawful, sustainable, strictly regulated and guided by rigorous animal welfare principles.”

These people wouldn’t know a “welfare principle” if it jumped out of the water and bit them where it hurts the most. When people have no defense for their actions, they often turn to statements with no basis at all in facts or logic and hope against hope that no one notices.

People who think that clubbing a baby seal to death is not inhumane or cruel and meets “rigorous animal welfare principles” have no understanding at all – and I mean no understanding – of animal cognition and self-awareness.

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