Gov. Nixon’s compromise on Prop B repeal is losing support

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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s compromise on the proposed repeal of key components of Proposition B is losing support from both sides – with headlines Wednesday using the phrases “crumbling” and “threatened.”

A group of 65 state lawmakers who backed a new bill (SB 113) to gut Prop B are calling on Nixon to drop the compromise and sign SB 113. And Although the Missouri Humane Society supports and compromise, other national animal-welfare groups are opposing it, including the Humane Society of the United States.

It is not clear how Nixon will proceed, with less than a month left in the legislative session.

I like this quote from the story –

“” “I don’t think there should ever be a compromise in the humane treatment of man’s best friend,” said Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis. “”

In my view, Prop B is very reasonable and if anything is more compromise that being too hard on breeders, since quality breeders already meet or exceed the guidelines for care and housing. We cannot continue to allow dogs to be housed in wire-floored cages to be nothing more than breeding machines. They deserve time to be dogs. They need time to play and interact and they need time to be loved.

These are animals that possess a state of consciousness and therefore can suffer both physical and emotional pain and suffering. We can’t allow people – like those legislators in Missouri who voted for this repeal effort – who don’t understand the facts about animal cognition and self-awareness to control this debate or set the standards for animal-welfare laws.

4 thoughts on “Gov. Nixon’s compromise on Prop B repeal is losing support

  1. I am so glad everyone is finally finding out what H$U$ is really trying to do to the State of Missouri, simple, trying to ruin agricalture, it is not going to happen, so take youre hidden agendas to another place and your millions you take in contributions, that you don’t use for animal welfare. Be gone !!

  2. Bonnie, I totally disagree. The only “hidden agenda” is the one that is funding the anti puppy mill law, and has worked to revoke the will of the people. You are here to bad mouth the Humane Society of the United States cause they are working to help the breeding dogs that are bred til they are dead. And you are asking readers to believe you and not the hundreds of youtube undercover videos of the horrendous treatment at the hands of these “millers”. Get real or get out!

  3. JC,

    Great points.
    I often read negative comments from people concerning the HSUS, yet they tend – in most cases – to not to offer up negative comments about puppy mills. How is that?
    And again, if we look at what is actually in the text of Prop B, we see a reasonable piece of legislation.
    Who could argue against better housing and regular vet care and time outside for the dogs to play?

  4. Prop B has brought so much more awareness about puppy mills in Missouri. I didn’t know about the intensity of this issue until Prop B was in the news.

    My family and I were planning to purchase a puppy last fall. However, we decided to adopt one from a local shelter. In our eyes, he is the best dog in the world! We have also encouraged our neighbors to adopt and they did!

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