Animal Defenders International: ‘Water for Elephants’ elephant trained with inhumane techniques

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Animal Defenders International is charging that the organization that supplied the elephant – Tai – used in the film “Water for Elephants” was abuse during training.

ADI has released a video showing the alleged abuse. Warning – this may be tough for many people to watch.

American Humane oversaw the use of animals in the making of the movie. But it appears that ADI is stating the abuse occurred in training and not during filming. Have Trunk Will Travel is denying it used electric shock, as is shown in the video.

An article on Huffington Post notes – “” The footage reveals the elephants being beaten with bull hooks — even a baby elephant is beaten over the head with a hook. The video also shows the elephants receiving electric shocks, and screaming out in pain. “”

I certainly won’t be viewing this movie.

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  1. juneNo Gravatar says:

    I wanted to purchase the dvd on amazon as it sounded a lovely story, but wanted to check that what I had heard at the time re the elephants i had hoped wasnt true. i havent watched the links but sadly can’t condone the cruelty the trainers are said to have used so with a very heavy heart wont now be purchasing this film.

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