Connecticut House passes bill to link animal abuse to child abuse

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Connecticut could become the next state to track cases of animal abuse and link them to domestic abuse cases.

The Capital Watch blog on reports as follows –

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The bill requires local animal control officers and employees at the state Department of Children and Families to report cases of animal cruelty to the state agriculture department. The agriculture commissioner would then be required to issue a monthly report, starting in November 2011, to the DCF commissioner, who would determine whether anyone suspected of animal cruelty is also simultaneously on the list of families at DCF.

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The bill vote was 127 to 12 in the House. The individuals who voted against the measure don’t seem to get it, if a quote from Rep. John T. Shaban is any indication. He doesn’t think animal control officers should be reporting on cases of animal abuse – to be used in reports concerning animal cruelty.

Shaban is quoted as saying the officers “should not be charged with flagging a person whose name is going to be potentially flagged with the tinge of potential child abuse if it is done improperly. … I don’t think it’s in the officer’s skill set.”

He is totally missing the point. This bill will tie animal abuse cases to individuals who are also on file with abuse cases against children. Why are these 12 elected officials worried about the reputations of people who are these lists? Why are these people so worried about protecting people who tend to abuse family members and pets?

And then we have this quote from the blog –

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State Rep. Craig Miner, a Litchfield Republican who voted against the bill, said, “It’s not appropriate to leave your dog outside, chained up for a period of time. … But you can leave livestock outside to graze naturally, and that’s not cruelty.”

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These quotes are worthy of a Pack of Putrid Punditry Award – that also goes to all 12 Connecticut representatives who voted against the bill.

One thought on “Connecticut House passes bill to link animal abuse to child abuse

  1. I have a case that i’m working on in which involves my horse. This women has had my horse for around 2/2.5 years, resently i has gone to the property and witness the horses, skinny, no water, or hay. At that time she had 4 horses. 1 of them was really skinny, seem to have had a stroke, and hed cuts all over it. The colt ( Appy) was lite in weight and was very thristy, my mare in which she had been leasing started to lose weight. I feed and watered them and call the lady to ask what was going on.. She gave me a story! Went back again, My horse had lose more weight, had brought a friend that time.. She had grain on the property, but my horse was losting weight… I told them that this needed to be taken care of or i need to come and pick my horse up…. 2/3 months go by and this women and i run into each other she claimed that the horse got really sick and she had called the vet, and the horse has LYME, she claimed the horse and medical attention (In Which The Vet Has Disclosed To Me NEVER Happened. This pass Monday, This women made up a story that 2 weeks ago my horse had a blanket on her and it got all wrapped up in in and the horse broke her hip… Again she clamed the vet was their…. When indeed the vet was never their, i have talked to the vet… My horse never had medical attention, and has been sick for Months, i have been dealing with animal control, but they claim its a civil matter…. ONLY i can be the voice for this poor animal that has suffered and been neglected……. This woman made her suffer for months, never calling a vet, or me to let me know just how sick she was..I would like the STATE to charge her with Neglgence/Animal Cruelty. She has one more horse alive and im sure something in time will happen to him.. She tells very good stories, ones that would make u believe her best interest is at heart. In reality she has killed my horse and is getting away with it… The laws in CT need to change, and Dog officers need to get a BACK BONE, and step up to the plate when u have someone calling and telling u whats going…. Telling someone that its a civil matters so an easy way to say i don’t give a damn….Ct needs to change their ways, We need to work more like NY/ Texas…..

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