Commentary – It’s time for those responsible for creating homeless pets to pay the cost

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I was recently involved in a rescue where my wife and I picked up a dog that had been dumped out in a neighborhood and transported it to an area rescue shelter.

The process got me thinking about similar cases that are repeated so many times all across the country. Dogs and cats by the thousands are becoming homeless every day across the country.

Maybe some are dumped out along a roadside somewhere. Others are discarded by greyhound racing or are rescued from puppy mills. Others are turned over by families who purchased dogs from substandard breeders or from a local store and these dogs ended up with health or emotional problems.

Others were born and become homeless because too many still don’t believe in spaying or neutering their pets, but have no problem with dumping the resulting puppies and kittens off on others.

And in other cases, some people just fail to take responsibility for their pets. (But let’s not forget that some people legitimately have to give up their pets, due to real financial or health problems.)

One subplot of the problem I’ve address above is the fact the entities and individuals I’ve noted above are not being held accountable for creating and continuing to add to the level of homelessness.

So who is left holding the bag? The rescue organizations and shelters all across the country are struggling every day to collect donations to cover the costs of care and feeding for homeless pets.
Families who adopt the homeless pets spend their hard-earned dollars for the lifetime of their rescued family members.

Tax dollars go to operate municipal shelters in counties all over the nation.

All the while, the people who are perpetuating this problem are off the hook every day. It’s time to turn the tables on this story.

And getting back to the story I led with – Yes, I’m going back later this week to adopt the dog, a lab who I just could not get out of my head. We already have a pack of rescues, but this is one of those cases where I bounded with him very quickly.

One thought on “Commentary – It’s time for those responsible for creating homeless pets to pay the cost

  1. I agree, but how could that be handled? Today, once again, I had to take a beautiful dog to the shelter. This is the third time someone has dropped a dog off in my area, I guess because I live out in the country and since I’m the only house around and have two babies of my own, the poor things gravitate to my home. They are starving with ribs showing, but have the sweetest personalities. I can’t imagine how they must have been living before their “owner” decided to throw them out like trash. It sickens me, but at least I know that our local shelter has a great track record for adoptions and the local animal protection league is always trying to find homes for them. I just don’t get it…if they don’t want the dog, they should take it to the shelter themselves…but no, they want someone else to do their dirty work for them. It truly hurts my heart.

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