PM News Pack: Topics – dog racing, tornado victims, canine cancer

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My other writing deadlines have been slowing down the blogging pace for a week or so. Hopefully, the schedule will level off now.

Let’s do some quick takes on three news stories.

Dog Racing: A planning board in the County Tipperary in Ireland has granted approval for a casino that will include greyhound and horse racing tracks. Included in the project will be a 500-room hotel.

However, according to a brief story posted on, the board denied approval for a “15,000 seater underground entertainment venue on the site because of infrastructure and transport issues.”

Really – so the board approves of the exploitation of greyhounds, but oh those transportation and infrastructure issues are just too much for the underground venue? Amazing!

Tornado victims: The Kansas City Star recently ran profiles of the 59 victims of the tornado that struck Joplin, Mo.

Johnna Hale and her border collie mix named Star went to a bathroom to ride out the storm. But Star got out of the house and Hale raced out to find her. Tragically, Hale was found in the rubble of a nearby building nine days later with Star in her arms.

Canine Cancer Prevention: I can’t substantiate on the spot all of the information here, but the Tails of the City blog on the San Francisco Chronicle website recently ran a list of “Tips for fighting canine cancer.”