Report on seal slaughter: Numbers killed down but cruelty on the increase

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The season’s horrible East Coast seal hunt season draws to a close, the Canadian Press is reporting the number of pups beaten, shot and killed through any means possible was down significantly.

From the story: “” The total number of harp seals killed in the 2011 commercial slaughter was about 38,000 — less than 10 per cent of the allowable catch, set at 400,000. “”

The European Union banned the importation of most seal products last year and the thankfully the United States banned it in 1972. But sadly, with the backing of the Canadian government, the hunt goes on.

But there is also an even more graphic side to the story. The Humane Society International’s Canadian office held a news a conference Tuesday and showed video of seal pups enduring torturous acts against them.

Yet, the Canadian Press article ends with this – “” The federal government has long said that the hunt is a tightly regulated event that is humane and economically important to coastal communities. “”

For that statement, the Canadian Government gets a Pack of Putrid Punditry Award.