PM News Pack: animal cruelty cases, protesting dog racing and shark fishing ban

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A quick review of some stories in the news this week –

A Michigan State University medical school student has been accused of killing 13 Italian greyhounds – out of frustration, according to the Lansing State Journal.

The Bahamas has become the fourth country to ban commercial shark fishing. reports the movement to enact this ban picked up steam when it was announced that a seafood company was going to establish an operation there to export shark meat and fins to Hong Kong.

The article notes – “As many as 100 million sharks or more are killed every year for their fins.”

The Seminole Chronicle out of Florida reports a group of protesters from Animal Rights Foundation of Florida gathered June 25 in front of the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club in Longwood.

“Death” (or someone dressed as the grim reaper) was on hand for the protest. Carla Wilson, coordinator for ARFF was quoted in the article as saying, “It’s how we can demonstrate the truth.”

And finally, the Kent Reporter out of Kent, Wash. reports a man faces charges of third-degree assault and first-degree attempted animal cruelty. He allegedly threw his dog down a storm drain and then proceeded to headbutt and bite an officer who responded to the scene.

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