The same old tired misinformation out of the greyhound racing industry

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The Seminole Chronicle published a letter today from a National Greyhound Association representative, who didn’t like the coverage of a recent protest by people rightfully opposed to greyhound racing.

He claims greyhounds receive “excellent care” and “good nutrition, plenty of water, frequent outdoor exercise and prompt veterinary care when needed.” And he says their crates are big enough to allow the dogs “sit, stand, turn around and lie down comfortably.”

For the greyhound racing industry, 4D meat is “good nutrition” and frequent outdoor exercise only takes place when the dogs are not in their crates 20 or more hours per day. And aren’t they nice to allow the dogs barely enough room to turn around and lie down.

But if all of that alternate reality spin isn’t enough, we hear again the 90-percent claim. But there’s a slight new spin on it. Now the 90 percent that make it out alive apparently include adoptions and those “returned to the farm as pets or breeders.”

So some them become pets on the “farm” or “breeders?” I thought humans were breeders. But I guess things have changed.

But it is important to point out that this 90 percent line conveniently omits the dogs that are killed before they get a chance to “retire.”

3 thoughts on “The same old tired misinformation out of the greyhound racing industry

  1. I heard a good line recently, “Your a**hole must get jealous of the s**t that comes out of you mouth” that sums up any and everything I have ever heard from NGA. From the crap they feed to the cages they treat greyhounds like a commodity. There are exceptions to all but even with a good trainer/owner it is a hellish life which humans inflict on these beautiful dogs. Don’t forget NGA greyounds have a markedly higher rate of osteosarcoma comparedto there AKC counterparts. Left front, right rear leg that’s all on you NGA.

  2. NeilMom,
    Great quote.

    Also, your point about osteosarcoma is one I’ve noted many times and is supported by Dr. Couto at Ohio State and studies from the University of Florida.
    In fact, I’ve read that the rate of osteosarcoma in racing greyhounds is higher than those for ANY other breed dog – large or small.

  3. Yes, they spew those same tired statements, juggling the percentage number as they think it suits them.

    Public awareness is against that fodder.


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