Careful consideration of Michael Vick’s latest statements

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Michael Vick stepped up the microphones Tuesday in Washington, DC to express his support for harsher federal penalties for those who attend dog fights. If the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act is enacted, it would make attending a dog fight a misdemeanor and it would be a felony to bring a minor along.

Actually, it should be a major felony in both cases – with serious mandatory jail time. But let’s get back to Vick.

On the one hand, what Vick is doing can be helpful, if his statements turn even just a few kids away from participating in or attending dog fights. I can’t be sure of his motives, but if it helps save one dog from this brutality or helps kids, I gotta give it a thumbs up.

But on the other hand – I can’t be sure of Vick’s motives. I can’t get inside his head. Is he doing this merely to clean up his image or is he doing this because he has sincerely turned his life around?

I hope it’s the latter, but I need more evidence. And I’m not even close to being ready to forget what he did to a group of innocent dogs. I want to believe people can make a major change, engage in a complete, turn-around.

Still, when I see Vick, I can’t get away from the image of the dogs he tortured. Some of them never got the second chance at life that he is getting.