Government in Spain pulling tricks to protect and defend bullfighting

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The government in Spain is going out of its way to protect a barbaric “tradition” – bullfighting.

The Guardian out of the UK is reporting – “” Prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s socialist government announced that the ministry of culture will from now on be responsible for the “development and protection” of bullfighting, which previously fell within the remit of the interior ministry. “”

A statement from the ministry of culture called bullfighting “an artistic discipline and a cultural product.” I’m sure people who run dog-fighting rings would love to call their industry “an artistic discipline and a cultural product.” But that statement is worth less than the droppings the bulls might leave in the dirt around the stadiums.

The bottom line here is the fact that the Spanish government is not only supporting animal cruelty, it is fighting to make sure more bulls suffer through these acts of cruelty.

One matador was quoted as supporting the move as a means needed “for the protection and guardianship of bullfighting.” Translation – The poor little matadors need protection, but they care nothing about the suffering of the bulls.

Those fighting for a ban on bullfighting note attendance is down, but the industry continues to get funding from taxpayers. The situation compares to a few states in the US that still allow greyhound racing and support it on the backs of taxpayers.

It’s 2011, not 16011. It’s time that some government officials here and around the globe wake up and begin to study science and compassion.

2 thoughts on “Government in Spain pulling tricks to protect and defend bullfighting

  1. This is infuriating! I don’t know WHAT is wrong with the Spanish Gov’t. They are also responsible for turning their backs on the mass torture and slaughter of tens of thousands of Galgos and Podencos EVERY year! Thier ‘culture’ states that when a Galgo doesn’t ‘perform’ well enough, the ‘hunter’ must inflict the mmost severe torture to the animal to redeem himself (hunter’s)

    Despite mailing, emailings, petitions, we hit a brick wall.

  2. What happens to the Spanish Galgos is horrible. No one with a soul or an ounce of compassion could do something like this to innocent being.
    I’m sure there are some great people in Spain, but when we put all these atrocities together, it puts the Spanish culture in a terrible light.

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