Gas Chambers: The totally unnecessary evil

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It really is long-past time to ban gas chambers as a means to euthanize animals. ALL of the excuses for using gas chambers have been wiped off the table.

I’m not sure how any shelter operator at this point can really claim they have to use the gas chamber. So many communities have banned the practice and have proven there are other means to deal even with dogs or cats or wildlife that are deemed dangerous.

It is horrible that any homeless animals are dying in shelters, as the individuals and entities that are contributing to the problem continue to walk away unpunished. But I just can’t stomach the fact that homeless pets and other animals are feeling this horror – suffering in a closed, dark box – in the final moments of their lives.

Defenders of gas chambers try to claim the animal is unconscious after only a “few” breaths or otherwise attempt to claim there is no suffering involved. But we know there is indeed emotional suffering, if not physical – although I would contend there is both.

Scientific research is now catching up to what many of us already knew all along. Animals do indeed experience emotion – and therefore can suffer emotionally. There is NO DOUBT that stuffing a dog or cat into a chamber and turning on suffocating gas causes emotional and physical suffering.

It matters very little what the time frame is. It is suffering.

If most county shelters are using sedatives and then injection – even in cases where the animal is dangerous, then all of them can use this system. We need to ban gas chambers in all states and start holding those responsible for creating homeless pets accountable for what they are doing.

We all know who the primary players are – puppy mills, irresponsible backyard breeders, greyhound racing and those who allow their pets to have litters of puppies and kittens, only to end up in the shelters.

4 thoughts on “Gas Chambers: The totally unnecessary evil

  1. Please stop this barbaric practice! It is not necessary, and it is so cruel.

  2. Shame, shame, shame..How you people that do this can live with yourselves I will never know. Get with the program, and start up fostering programmes and try and get some of our companion animals rehomed, rather than doing the ‘quick-fix’, ‘end of problem’ dump em in the chamber horrific and totally inhumane practice. Absolutely disgusting and outright unnecessary.

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