Blowing up mountains for short-term profit

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I missed the airing Sunday night of Battle for Blair Mountain, which offered a debate on the practice of blowing up mountain ranges to get the coal.

I don’t see where there can be a real debate. Those who support this horrible method of mining talk about the jobs, with little regard for the consequences to the health of the people in these areas or to the wildlife or to the natural beauty of the mountains.
One side seems to want to overlook the fact that nearby streams are heavily polluted by this method of mining.

There is a cost involved. Where is the ceiling on this cost for the coal companies and the people who support them? How far do they feel they can go before the impact on humans and wildlife and habitat and water is too great?

It is a terrible cost now. These companies claim they are rebuilding the mountains after the coal has been extracted. But I’ve seen the finished product in videos. They are trying to play God and Mother Nature and the fact is they aren’t very good at it. How could they be?

Coal companies would be at or near the bottom of the list of entities I or most people would trust to repair damage to an ecosystem. There is no debate here. Blowing up mountains, destroying mountains to get to the coal is a horrible thing to do.

Let’s bring clean jobs to these areas. Let’s plan for the future, instead of sacrificing everything for short-term profit.
I’m still looking for a link to the full video of this show – Battle for Blair Mountain on CNN.