Noon News Pack: Topics – fur trade, lab fined, cruelty prevention, dog racing

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ONE – China’s policies are taking a cruel turn – again – with the news that the country has re-opened trade in big cat skins, such as tigers. What a horrible step back.
Supposedly, the skins will come from so-called “legal sources,” such as captive-bred cats and tiger farms. Is this supposed to be better? Is the Chinese government suggesting raising endangered species to kill them for fur is a good option?

It’s a sick move. And it opens up the option for poachers to kill wild tigers and claim they’re from farms. No one should be buying these products.

TWO – Colorado State University has reportedly paid over $20,000 in the wake of repeated violations of animal-handling laws at a research facility.

The Coloradoan reports CSU “was cited by federal inspectors for violations ranging from having contaminated feed to failing to provide adequate shelter for some animals.”

THREE – The state of Missouri has launched a Canine Cruelty page on the Attorney General’s website. Citizens can file complaints and learn more about state laws on the site.

Heartland Connection reports the state has established a Canine Cruelty Prevention Unit in response to the passage of the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act. An attorney will be dedicated to enforcing the new regulations and hopefully dedicated to shutting down every puppy mill in the state.

FOUR – And India is taking a step backward – into animal cruelty – with the proposed introduction of greyhound racing. How can we move forward in science worldwide and supposedly advance as individual nations and societies, only to have some nations take steps to be more cruel to animals?

GREY2K USA is working to stop dog racing from reaching the starting line in India.