Video: Dogs rescued from Michael Vick are a greater success story than Vick

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While sports commentators praise Michael Vicks’ successful return to football, they too often forget about the dogs he tortured for so long.
I’m not one to pile on – to use a football term – but since these commentators are stuck on praising Vick, I feel the need to report on the heroes of the story.

This PBS video is worth every minute of the viewing –

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

Many of the dogs he tortured are doing great now. Their story is one of true redemption and offer examples of the true nature of dogs and their individual self-awareness and state of consciousness.

We can’t lump all dogs as behaving one way. We can’t lump all dogs in a particular breed as behaving one way. We can’t do this anymore than we can try to state that all people are the same or all people from a particular country are the same.

Dogs – and other animals – are so much more than society has given them credit for. And the video above offers more evidence to the importance of what I’ve talked about for some time now – self-awareness and state of consciousness.

The former fighting dogs featured in this video are a far greater success story than that of Michael Vick.