AM News Pack: Topics – Animal Day, animal cruelty, trophy hunting

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ONE – October 4 is World Animal Day. It is also a day to recognize Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

PR News Wire also notes October is World Animal Month. For more information, go to out of San Antonio, Texas is reporting the city’s Animal Care Services fields 80,000 animal abuse calls each year. Four officers are assigned to handle the investigation of these cases.

We really need better laws to protect animals. Abusers will continue to abuse if a slap on the wrist – or less – is the punishment.

THREE – A Care2 petition is calling for a ban on the practice of US trophy hunters going into Canada to kills polar bears – or at least being able to bring their kills back to the US.

Hunting polar bears is not allowed in Alaska, so some hunters are going into Canada, where it is legal. What is with Canada and the government’s campaign to wipe wildlife off the planet?