AM News Pack: Topics – puppy mills, animal cruelty

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Back to work here on the blog – after a couple of days where the writing gig was heavy on the sports side.

Let’s play some catch up on the happenings of the last few days in the news. I’ll be spreading this out over several posts during the day.

ONE – Good animal news out of Cananda, for a change. A puppy mill raid means more 500 dogs are better off in Quebec. The kennel name: Paws “R” Us. – Kind of sickening, isn’t it?

The Ottawa Citizen reports Quebec will soon be updating animal welfare regulations and hopefully this will lead to more puppy mills being shut down.

And reports many of the dogs were malnourished and suffered from skin and respiratory problems. And the article noted “Quebec has long been considered the puppy mill capital of North America, with an estimated 800 unregulated breeding operations in Montreal alone.”

TWO – The Guilford County Animal Shelter in North Carolina is investigating a fourth case in two years of a dog found with severe burns. Hoyt is expected to recover physically, but his emotional scars will be tougher to overcome.

Hopefully, the person who did this will be found and convicted – and then should spend years in prison. But again, our criminal justice system in areas such as this is currently more injustice and than justice.

THREE – Puppy mills and unregulated breeding is clearly still a problem in Michigan, according to a post on Ann In the editorial, the point is made that smaller puppy mills are as much a problem as the larger operations. And the newer, so-called designer breeds are only expanding the puppy-mill industry and expanding the horrors.

The article notes a 2009 study reviewed 1,800 kennels in 83 counties in Michigan. It was confirmed that 639 were breeding kennels. This fact alone is astounding. That’s an average of nearly eight breeding kennels in each county – that the study actually uncovered.

But only five are licensed commercial kennels. We need improved regulations all across the country on breeding pets.

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