Wildlife Trapping: There is no doubt about it being cruel

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The Associated Press published an article Sunday on the topic of wildlife trapping. The writer tried to balance the piece with interviews with trappers, but in reality, there is no other side to this issue. Trapping animals with devices such as leg-hold  is extremely cruel.

Born Free USA is one of the organization working for – at minimum – better regulations on the barbaric practice. Born Free’s petition to the Pennsylvania game commission last week calling for better regulations was unanimously rejected. Trapping should be fully banned, yet this commission refused to even discuss regulations.

A spokesman for the National Trappers Association is quoted in the AP story as saying – “Wildlife management should be left in hands of professionals.”

And from the article – “” Trappers consider their quarry a renewable resource and depict themselves as front-line conservationists playing a vital role in wildlife management. “”

They call it ‘wildlife management.’ So does this mean they are trapping to help the animals? I’m sure the animals would rather these ‘professionals’ leave well enough alone. The use of the term ‘renewable resource’ is all we need to hear to understand how uninformed these individuals are about wildlife.

Born Free’s website – BanCruelTraps.com – has more information.

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  1. If the trappers consider their “quarry” a renewable resource, then wouldn’t trappers be considered a renewable resource also?

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