AM Pack-Line Headlines: Topics – greyhound racing, tar sands, PETA lawsuit

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ONE – Cain campaigns at Texas greyhound racetrack

I’m not shy about calling out politicians and elected officials on all sides for making bone-headed blunders where animal welfare is concerned. Herman Cain is newest member of the list.

Reuters is reporting Cain took his tour to a Texas greyhound racetrack. Why would he want to pal around with people betting on dog races? Does he realize what kind of life the dogs are leading? If he wanted to go where a group of people were gambling, why not go to a typical casino.

Cain’s advisers really need to make sure he is up-to-date on industries that are extremely unpopular – like dog racing.

TWO – PETA lawsuit seeks Constitutional rights for whales

The Associated Press is reporting PETA has filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Diego, accusing Sea World parks of violating the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, which banned slavery. PETA notes the text of the amendment does not specifically suggest that only humans can be victims.

In a press released I received Tuesday, PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk states – “Our understanding of animals grows every day. Animals should no longer be regarded as “things” to dominate, but as breathing, feeling beings with families, intellect, and emotions. The 13th Amendment exists to abolish slavery in all its forms—and this lawsuit is the next step.”

PETA will get slammed for going after Sea World – no doubt. And the organization will be slammed for trying to apply Constitutional rights to animals. But there is a broader point to be made. Animals do need basic protections from cruelty and neglect. Call it a Constitutional right or not, but animals do need to be protected from acts of cruelty.

THREE – Anti-Tar Sands protesters to encircle White House November 6

The Sierra Club is organizing an anti-Tar Sands protest for November 6 that will encircle the White House to urge the Obama Administration to stop the development of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The Sierra Club notes it has joined forces with the Tea Party and other groups in Texas to oppose the pipeline.

This should be a clear decision for the President. If he chooses to side with Big Oil on this one, he could get a Pack of Putrid Punditry Award.

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