FTC petition filed against Sparboe Farms by Mercy for Animals

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The animal-welfare group Mercy for Animals has filed a petition with the Federal Trade Commission, requesting an investigation into Sparboe Farms claims about the treatment of chickens in its facilities.

You will recall the undercover video showing chickens being abused, which led to Target and McDonald’s deciding to halt purchasing eggs from the factory farm. ABC News reports Sparboe is claiming its hens receive “five essential freedoms” to ensure their welfare – including “freedom to express normal behavior” and “freedom from fear and distress.”

But the video shows hens living in battery cages, which is proof that the hens are not allowed to express normal behavior and are NOT spared fear and distress. If the chickens never get to walk around freely each day, then they are clearly not allowed to be chickens and are clearly living under inhumane conditions.

How could anyone be around animals to this extent and not understand that?