GREY2K USA report offers more evidence of suffering in greyhound racing

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GREY2K reports between January and July of 2011, at least 20 racing greyhounds were killed in Florida, 10 at Ebro Greyhound Park.

And the organization’s report included this – “Greyhound racing is a dying industry. Since 2004, tax revenue from live dog racing has declined by 72 percent and paid attendance dropped 69 percent.”

According to the Sunshine State News, “Two bills — House Bill 641 and Senate Bill 382 — would free the tracks from having to offer dog racing as a condition of maintaining their gaming licenses.” – The clock ran out on similar legislation in the last session of the Florida state legislature.

Hopefully, representatives on both sides will finally pass this legislation in sweeping numbers, as it is a bipartisan effort and is supported by both animal-welfare groups and track/casino operators in the state. Florida has 13 tracks, by far the most of any state. If these facilities could drop racing – when the state mandate ends – it could mean the door could finally be slammed shut on greyhound racing.

State Sen. Maria Sachs is sponsoring SB 382 and is sponsoring HB 641.

Also from the Sunshine State News story -

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Grey2K’s report offers an eye-opening and stomach-churning glimpse into the condition of Florida’s dog-racing industry. Among its findings:

  • “As many as 8,000 greyhounds … are kept in small, stacked cages for 20 to 23 hours per day. Larger dogs cannot stand erect in cages.”
  • State records show greyhounds suffer deadly injuries while racing. Recently reported injuries include multiple broken legs, an electrocution and a crushed skull.
  • State regulators documented greyhounds being killed because they were no longer profitable.
  • Greyhounds have repeatedly tested positive for drugs, including cocaine, while others are not properly vaccinated.
  • Of 689 kennel inspection forms examined by GREY2K USA, 127 forms listed conditions as “poor.”

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  1. Christine DorchakNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for helping to spread the word that the cruelty of dog racing must end, Tom!

    Christine Dorchak, Esq.
    President, GREY2K USA

  2. jtgradyNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you Christine – for the work you and GREY2K are doing to end greyhound racing.

  3. Christine DorchakNo Gravatar says:

    Anything for the dogs!

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