Pack Line Headlines: The good, the bad and the ugly

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The Good – Letter to the Editor educates on puppy mills: A writer of a letter to the editor of the Gaston Gazette (NC) seeks to educate readers about the poor choice of buying puppies without visiting the breeder.

I really like this sentence – “Unless we can work together to create a Pet Welfare and/or a Consumer Protection Law in North Carolina, the only way we can stop inhumane breeders is with the power of our pocket book.”

And the Bad and the Ugly (you pick ’em) –

Rick Berman pens a misinformed message on The Daily Caller: He is far from being an expert on anything animal-welfare related, yet he tries to define animal rights versus animal welfare. And he suggests PETA’s suit against Sea World equates with blind people being sued for slavery because they use guide dogs.

Ag groups pen letter to Congress to reject egg-production rules: A group of livestock and poultry production groups have joined forces on letter to the US Congress, call for the body to “reject additional costly and unnecessary animal rights mandates proposed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)” – according to a post on