Pack Line Headlines: The animal-welfare movement, animal welfare plan in the EU, puppy mills, tethering bans

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Important quote from Wayne Pacelle: I found a letter by HSUS president Wayne Pacelle posted on

The final paragraph led with this: “The animal welfare movement is strong and growing. It represents mainstream values. Although there is no official registry, an estimated 20,000 organizations are engaged in the important work of safeguarding animals, …”

A lot of good new in those two sentences. The animal-welfare movement is growing and getting stronger. I really believe that. And it is great to know that about 20,000 organizations all over the country are working to make life better for animals.

And why are we seeing this growth in animal-welfare organizations over the last two decades and why are we seeing the movement grow overall? – Because it does represent mainstream values.

Jury finds Oklahoma puppy mill operator guilty of animal cruelty: A jury took only four hours to find a puppy mill operator in Oklahoma guilty of animal cruelty charges, as reported by Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise.

A Nowata County deputy testified the conditions at the site were the worst she had seen in 29 years and an animal control officer called the conditions there “deplorable.” But the sentence was only a $2,500 fine and $100 in court costs.

Florida county bans tethering: Hillsborough County has joined a growing (but too slowing growing) number of cities and counties that have banned the tethering of dogs.

The Tampa Bay Times reports tethering will only be allowed if a guardian is present outside to watch over the dog.

European Union adopts four-year plan to improve animal welfare: An editorial on reviews what a commission will be striving for in the way of improving animal welfare in the region, although it doesn’t seem to relate to dogs and cats.