Pack Line Headlines: Dog Fighting

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A variety of articles concerning the topic of dog fighting has arrived on the Pack Mentality news wire over the past week.

Stolen dogs used as bait in fighting rings: Officials in Yakima, Wash. are seeing what they fear is an increase in pets being stolen to be used as bait to train fighting dogs. One rescue group in Yakima told that prior to November of 2011, it was receiving two to three calls each month about stolen dogs. Now that number has climbed to 30 to 40.

The problem is not limited to the United States, as we see in an article posted on the Herald Sun website out of Australia. Numerous Staffordshire terriers and mastiffs have been reported stolen in the areas of Geelong, Werribee, Wendouree and Melton.

Ian Somerhalder Tweeting about dog fighting and puppy mills: Ian Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries fame is using the Twitterverse to get a particular animal-welfare message out to the masses. reports Somerhalder recently Tweeted: “Dog fighters and puppy mills beware… Twitterverse is gonna shut you down. With the help of some law enforcement and a few politicians!”

And a blogger on is joining the movement to speak out against dog fighting. Catherine Hamilton posted Friday with the headline: “Raise your voice against animal fighting.”

Hamilton writes: “With the prosecution of Michael Vick, dogfighting took center stage as a serious animal welfare issue that demands our attention and vigilance.”

Longtime dog-fighting operation shut down in LA: KABC reported Thursday that a 20-year dog-fighting ring in Los Angeles, Calif. has been shut down, on an anonymous tip. A couple had been using the blood money earned on the ring to fund a cocaine operation.

Fourteen abused dogs were found on the site, but only three survived. And handwritten narratives of the fights were found going back to the 1990s. What kind of sick people could do something like this?

The anonymous tipster will get a $5,000 reward. No better way to get people to come forward than cold, hard cash.