Important study concludes animals dream

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This is another item to file in the “Science Now Confirms What Animal Lovers Know” folder. We’ve all seen our pets moving their legs, feet or tails or even twitching their lips and eyelids during long naps. It was never a vast leap to suggest they were dreaming.

Now, we can state logged scientific research to support the theory. An article posted on reports a key study was conducted by Matthew A. Wilson of MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Researchers monitored the brain wave patterns of mice as they roamed mazes and they recorded matching brainwave patterns during sleep. This led the researchers to conclude the mice were indeed dreaming about their experiences.

And I will take it step beyond this by stating this is another important bit of evidence of self-awareness and state of consciousness. Dreaming means the animal (or human) is experiencing some event in the movie studio in their mind. This is – without a doubt – a key aspect of state of consciousness.

Donald Trump’s sons should be fired from hunting trips

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Pictures are sailing around the Web of Donald Trump’s sons posing with the bodies of dead animals they killed in Africa. The most troubling photo shows one of them with the tail of a dead elephant.

Elephants are in real trouble, as poachers are trying to wipe them off the face of the Earth for their tusks. Trump’s sons are promoting this carnage with smiles of joy in what they’ve done.

An editorial posted Tuesday on the Global Animal website includes a couple of pictures and notes the brothers are defending their actions by saying they gave the meat to local villagers. If that was the mission of the trip – to feed hungry people – then why not offer funding to programs that really help these people. With their wealth, they could feed hundreds of thousands of starving people for a lifetime.

But the reality of their juvenile killing-camping trip was the high of killing large species and posing for photos with the dead bodies or body parts. And killing an elephant is especially heartless.

I write often about puppies needing to stay with their moms and siblings for at least 12 weeks, to learn social and behavior skills. These two brothers clearly needed more education – in the way of compassion for others and an understanding of what animal really are – before being allowed to roam the world freely.