Pack Topics: Circus cruelty; puppy mills

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Blog takes on circus cruelty: Karyn Zoldan is one of my favorite fellow animal-welfare bloggers, with her Tucson Tails blog on the Tucson Citizen website.

On Thursday, she wrote about the circus coming to Tucson and Phoenix. A whistle-blower exposed the beatings the elephants endure and the constant confinement of the large cats. The blog entry also includes an interview with an animal advocate who opposes the use of live animals in circuses.

Another suspected puppy mill: Officials with the Berkeley Sheriff’s Office in West Virginia have shut down another suspected puppy mill. This one housed 132 dogs, who now have at least a chance for a much better life.

Hopefully, charges will soon be imposed in this case, as the Charleston Daily Mail reports several of the dogs were dehydrated and underweight and a puppy obtained by investigators “” was in deplorable condition, with fleas, fur matted with feces and scabs on its belly “” and a release noted it was underweight, dehydrated and suffered from intestinal parasites.

Dogs living in conditions like this might be rescued sooner, if every state in the land had better regulations in place, including routine inspections and serious punishment for those who abuse or neglect animals. We need a nation-wide standard for care in all breeding facilities – to include humane housing, regular daily exercise and regular veterinary care.

If restaurants can operate under strict health and cleanliness regulations and regular inspections, then breeders should be able to do the same.