Pack Topics: Gestation crate legislation; dog fighting; puppy mill punishment

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NJ could ban gestation crates: A bill in the New Jersey legislature could lead to ban on gestation crates and another bill could crack down on the trade of tigers.

State Senator Raymond J. Lesniak is leading the effort and is quoted by NJ Today as saying – “Animals are God’s creations as much as humans. These bills recognize that cruelty to animals and threats to their extinction need to be eliminated.”

The bill concerning the factory farming of pigs means defines the offending practice as the “cruel confinement as crating, confining or tethering a gestating sow in order to prevent the free range of motion.”

47 dogs saved from alleged dog fighting operation: In the Bronx, NY Thursday, 47 dogs were rescued from an alleged dog fighting ring. It appears training and fights were being held in the basement of an apartment building.

45 dogs rescued from Alabama home: A Madison, Ala. couple is facing 47 counts of animal cruelty after 45 dogs were found living in filthy conditions. Another 40 were found dead, as reported by
Very light punishment in Canada for puppy mill operators: The people involved in the preceding two stories will most-likely receive weak sentences if convicted for the crimes they are accused of committing. It is an unfortunate result of the very weak and crime-friendly laws on the books – most notably the laws against animal cruelty.
This is the case in Canada as well, as we see in a case this week where the operators of a puppy will only received a two-year ban on operating a commercial breeding facility. But the Ottawa Sun does report that new regulations in Quebec could lead to lifetime bans in future cases.