Murphy’s Laws: Gas prices and HOAs

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If rescue dogs could make the laws, things would be quite different. After all, where does it say only humans can be elected to Congress? I mean, are all of them there now really all that human – or humane for that matter?

So we bring in Murphy the rescue lab to offer an on-going list of new laws – MURPHY’S LAWS – from the vault of animal common sense. First up, are a couple of new laws – one animal-related and one not so much.

Federal Statute 1001: As of July 4, 2012 – It will be unlawful for any gas company to sell vehicle fuel with prices that include tenths of a cent. Prices at the pump must be displayed in whole numbers, without the 9/10ths included, so that oil companies will no longer be allowed to insult the intelligence of consumers in this way.

The date of July 4 was selected to correspond with our independence from the tired, old scam that was for too long an effort make the less-informed among us think they were playing a penny less.

Federal Statute 1002: As of – as fast as possible; now would be good – it will be unlawful for Homeowners Associations of any kind to enforce covenants that limit pets. Rescue organizations are having enough trouble finding homes for homeless pets, without little mini-governments banning adoptions.

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  1. Gas prices are usually at the greatest these days, i definitely wish that the gas rates will be decreased as the economoy and financial turmoil improves..

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