More terrible news out of horse racing – doping

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Doping a problem in horse racing: The horse-racing news out of New Mexico is troubling. It offers more evidence that when we see the mixing of gambling and/or profit with animals, it outcome is usually bad for the animals. reports a relatively new substance known as “frog juice” is being used as a performance-enhancing drug. The article explains the results from recent testing showed “40 percent of the horses finishing ‘in the money’ in the 25 time trial races on May 25 were illegally drugged.”

And we have this – “Three prominent New Mexico horse trainers have been implicated in the dermorphin scandal.”

One person is quoted as saying horse racing needs to be cleaned up. The industry has known about doping for some time now. Profit is too strong a motivation. Winning is too strong a motivation. Cheating has too strong a hold. Cleaned up? – They should have started that process many years ago.

And the number of deaths, in horse racing and dog racing is far too much. It’s time to shut it all down. Let the jockeys and trainers take the place of the horses – and race around the track. That would be a sport. Horse racing is not a sport.