I’m Sick of It: The stonewalling in opposition to animal-welfare laws

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I’m sick of reading statements about how horrible any and all new anti-puppy mill rules might be for some breeders. I’m sick of seeing the proposals nick-picked apart. I’m sick seeing the nick-picking turned into propaganda based on nothing more than misinformation.

The common theme from the likes of the AKC and other is – ‘we can’t have new regulations to set standards for veterinary care and housing and regular exercise because it will hurt “hobby breeders”.’ It is hard to put into words how wrong that stand is.

ALL BREEDERS should house their dogs in kennels large enough for them to move around – at minimum. ALL BREEDERS should allow their dogs time for regular play and exercise. ALL BREEDERS should offer their dogs regular veterinary care. These basic standards of care are at the heart of what all legislation should cover.

What I’m seeing is a twisting of the wording of these bills, as part of the nick-picking. I’ve read comments suggesting we’ll all have to house our pets in cages and none of them will be able to sleep in bed with us – if the regulations are modified to include Internet puppy sellers under the scope of the Animal Welfare Act.

It’s crazy talk and it’s design to scare people into opposing humane legislation.

The reality is this – we want to see breeding dogs live under humane conditions – where the cages are not tiny, where kennels are cleaned regularly, where the dogs get veterinary care as needed and the dogs are allowed time for play. Who could logically oppose these basic standards of care?

Sadly, it seems some people can oppose the humane treatment of animals, especially where they feel profits need to trump the welfare of animals. For me, I’m sickened by that stand.