Back to blogging – as we mourn the loss of a family member

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It’s been a very difficult time within the Grady household, as we mourn the loss of JoJo, a 13-year-old rescued greyhound and loving member of our family.

Back in 2010, part of her jaw was removed after a tumor was found to be mandibular osteosarcoma. Typically, these tumors are found in legs or shoulders – and studies have shown racing greyhounds face this cancer more than any other breed of dog.

At the time of her surgery, her medical team expected the procedure and corresponding radiation treatments to extend her life for about a year or so. She lived for more than 2-and-a-half years. And she battled with grace and strength.

We are not sure what caused her health to decline over several days. At first, she was unsteady on her feet for a few hours, but rebounded later in the day. On Friday of last week, an EKG determined she had a very irregular heart beat. But by the next morning, she was better again.

Overnight Saturday into Sunday morning her condition worsened, into a somewhat comatose state. So we had to say our final goodbyes Sunday morning. JoJo was a special girl. We called her Audrey Jo, because she had the regal look of actress Audrey Hepburn.

JoJo and my wife had a special bond and this has been most difficult for Nan. We love and have loved every homeless pet we have ever adopted into our family, over two decades. But for some, there is a special connection.

We will never forget the gift she offered us every day; the gift of unconditional love.

4 thoughts on “Back to blogging – as we mourn the loss of a family member

  1. Tom:

    My deepest sympathies to you and your wife. There is no more painful loss than the loss of the innocent, and no one more innocent than these refugees from industrialized animal cruelty. To make the wrong in their lives right by bringing them into your home is a true act of love, and I hope that brings a little light to you and your wife in this dark time.


  2. Tom, Thank you so much for giving JoJo such love and care. I know has has crossed the Rainbow Bridge now, and he is waiting to see you again, along with my friend Kelsey.

    Hearts and hugs,


  3. Tom & Nan

    So sorry to hear about JoJo. She sounds like a wonderful girl who against all odds shared her best years with you.

    It’s never easy letting our loved ones go but they live forever in our hearts.

    Hugs from Tucson
    Karyn Zoldan

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