Great news: Greyhound racing sees “dwindling interest”

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What a great article headline: “Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track feels dwindling interest in dog racing.” It is up today on the website.

Of all people, dog track owners in Florida are complaining about the state regulations that require these casino/tracks to hold a minimum number of races each year. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a cruel industry that enjoys complete protection from the state of Florida.

What other industry is actually required to operate? What if you owned a business where one branch was deep in losses, but the state required you to keep it open? This is nutty on an all-new level. And add to the mix the fact that dogs are suffering and dying in racing and the idiocy expands to unbelievable levels.

Attendance is thankfully way down at Florida dog tracks and we have this from the article: “” Betting at the Bonita track dropped from $73.6 million in 1990 to $9 million last year. “”

Attempts have been underway in the state to drop the racing requirements at casinos or at least reduce the number required.