Ohio legislature attempting to water down anti-puppy mill bill

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The Ohio state legislature will soon be debating a new anti-puppy mill bill. But the regulations in the bill have already been watered down. Too often, we’ve seen this happen in other states, where elected officials who support large-scale breeding succeed in removing or gutting key elements.

The Columbus Dispatch reports one provision in the Ohio bill would allow breeders to use the veterinarians they use for regular care as inspectors. This just doesn’t make sense at all. In fact, if veterinarians are used as inspectors, they should be those hired by the state for this purpose.

Also, apparently a provision to regulate pet stores has been removed from the bill. We’ve got to remove elected officials who have little regard for animals from this process. It’s clear some strong lobbying has been going on for years in many states and too many elected officials are voting with the lobbyists, as opposed to voting with the will of the people and with compassion in mind.