BP agrees to pay record $4.5 billion penalty and plead guilty in Gulf Oil Gusher case

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Now that BP has agreed to pay this huge, record fine of $4.5 billion and will be plead guilty to manslaughter charges, will the company pull its propaganda TV ads?

In the ads, BP makes itself out to be the hero of the Gulf Oil Gusher. How could a hero agree to pay billions and plead guilty to serious crimes, in the very case where they claim to be a hero?

CNN Money reports family members of those who lost their live on the oil rig are saying the agreement does not make up for their loss of loved ones.

In another CNN article from September 5, the U.S. Department of Justice was referenced as accusing BP of “gross negligence” and a “culture of corporate recklessness” and this came from the filing – “… its gross negligence and willful misconduct are inextricably joined with the acts and omissions of Transocean.”

I don’t think anyone could, based on the facts, suggest BP did not act with gross negligence and corporate recklessness. Yet, the propaganda-filled TV ads will probably go on.