Ohio puppy mill bill advances out of state House

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By a 91-5 vote on Wednesday, the Ohio House passed a new anti-puppy mill bill. If passed into law, it would require licenses for breeders and annual inspections by the US Department of Agriculture.

The Marion Star reports the total number of breeding operations in the state is unknown, because the state has not been monitoring them. Ohio does have approximately 8,000 registered kennels. Just that number is unbelievable. Imagine how many unregistered puppy mills are operating in the state.

While I understand the bill has been watered down, there are other positive provisions remaining, such as the instruction that reads “a county dog warden and the warden’s deputies must seize and impound on sight … a dog that is kept constantly confined in a high volume breeder.”

But I must again note that ALL breeding regulations – nationally and in every state – should include a ban on selling puppies before the age of 12 weeks. It is vital that puppies remain with their mothers and siblings for this minimum amount of time.

It is another step in the right direction and I hope Ohio will make sure all of these breeders are inspected on a regular basis and I hope those who try to continue to operate under the radar will be shut down.