Greyhound racing industry again tries to justify deaths with displaced math

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I am continually amazed by the greyhound racing industry’s excuses for abusing and killing dogs. GREY 2K USA has reported 24 greyhounds died and 175 were injured between January 2011 and July 2012 at Iowa’s two tracks – Council Bluffs and Dubuque Iowa.

The industry’s justification for the horrible numbers? – They conduct a lot of races. I hope the toy industry never decides to use that excuse if a toy is found to – say – pose a dangerous choking or other safety hazard. The racing industry actually believes it’s okay to kill at least 24 greyhounds every year and severely injure many more so that people can gamble on dogs running around an oval track. There are countless other means to bet money – on everything from cards and dice to sports to elections to anything else we can think of.

Leave animals out of it.

A Des Moines Register article published Saturday paints a dark picture of the Iowa state legislature: “” But lawmakers have rejected proposals the past three years to allow casinos to pay millions of dollars annually to the state treasury for the right to shut down their dog tracks. “”

The casinos want to drop racing and pay the state millions annually to drop the state mandate that forces them to hold races. But somehow, over the past three years, the state legislature has refused to take this offer. There are just enough elected officials in the state who want to see the torture of animals continue. And for them, even millions going to help balance the budget is not enough to stop their support for animal torture.

If you’re going to gamble in their state, these people want to make sure it’s on an industry where dogs suffer.

And once again, someone noted in the Des Moines Register piece tries to compare the rate of dog-racing injuries to sports, in this case the rate of high school sports injuries. What’s the phrase I’m looking for? … It’s right there … Oh yeah – Stupid. High school sports are voluntary.