Ohio puppy mill bill on the way to governor’s desk

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After the Ohio Senate put a 32-1 final vote stamp on the state’s anti-puppy mill bill, the measure will go to governor’s pen to be signed into law.

10TV.com reports Kellie DiFrishchia, director of the animal rescue group Columbus Dog Connection, called the Senate vote a great day for dogs.

If the governor does sign it, the law will require annual inspections for breeders, by local veterinarians. The Columbus Dispatch notes breeders who “produce at least nine litters of puppies per year or sell 60 or more dogs per year” will need to be licensed and inspected. The state can send in its inspectors if complaints are received concerning a breeder.

Rescue groups will also be required to register with the state.

But again, one of the key elements that should be included in any breeding regulations is missing here. We need to have a ban in every state on selling puppies (and probably kittens) that are under 12 weeks of age. I’m going to keep hammering away at this.


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