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December 2012

US Senate passes Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act

At least some important pieces of legislation can pass with bipartisan support. The Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act (S. 1947) passed an important vote in the US Senate on Tuesday – and the vote was unanimous. As the Humane Society of the US notes on its website, it is already a felony at the federal level […]

ASPCA: Puppies are not toys, so don’t buy them from stores

The ASPCA is promoting an effort to have everyone sign an important pledge: “If a pet store sells puppies, I won’t buy anything there.” And the site features this important video: For more information and to sign the pledge, go to NoPetStorePuppies.com. In my home city, we thankfully no longer have any stores that sell […]

Florida judge accused of being soft on animal abusers

A judge in Lee County, Fla. is being monitored by animal lovers for a trend where he consistently waves off animal-cruelty charges. Fox 4 out of Fort Myers/Naples, Fla. reports that among many cases, Judge Frank Mann was reported to have recently cut off an animal services representative as she was presenting evidence. The article […]