HSUS responds to misguided pro-fur industry editorial

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PJ Smith, the corporate outreach manager for the Humane Society of the US, responded Monday on the Huffington Post website to a silly, misguided editorial titled, “The Reason I Wear Fur.”

A writer named Christina Anderson, who wrote the pro-fur industry piece, could have saved herself the finger stress on her keyboard by simply writing under her headline – “because I don’t know any better and I really don’t understand how animals suffer.”

The editorial is so full of fluff that it is difficult to read. But she seems to try to support her position by talking about the economics of the industry and how – somehow – it’s ecological to wear fur. Like so many political arguments from the oddball side, the methodology is to put out an indefensible position and proceed to spew crazy notions to support the position.

And finally, Anderson claims fur coats are warmer than fake fur coats. Another silly argument. I own a great coat that is the warmest I’ve ever had, and it contains no fur. But beyond that, has she ever heard about dressing in layers to stay warm?

Smith rightfully calls the fur industry “wasteful, cruel and morally indefensible” in his response.