Puppy mill manager handed very light punishment

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The news on the topic of puppy mills is pouring into the Pack News Wire in-box. Today, let’s look into a horrible ruling in the Hawaiian puppy mill case:

Puppy mill manager in Hawaii given very light sentence: The manager of a dog-breeding facility in Hawaii was sentence this week to only six months in jail, on 153 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. (For one thing, the terms ‘misdemeanor’ and ‘animal cruelty’ to do not match up.)The prosecutor in the case had requested five consecutive one-year jail terms, a fine him $306,000 and an order for the accused to repay the Hawaiian Humane Society a sum of $370,701.

Circuit Judge Glenn Kim was quoted in a Star Advertiser article as saying – “What this means is that the trial of this single misdemeanor case, a case less legally serious than that of a person accused of shoplifting a $301 pair of sunglasses, would have almost certainly cost the taxpayers more dollars and consumed more scarce judicial resources than any other trial in recent memory.”

This statement disqualifies Kim to be a judge. If he believes the suffering of 153 dogs is “less legally serious” than shoplifting, then he has a serious case of logic deprivation. No one who makes a comparison like this should be allowed to judge criminal or civil court cases.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kim also stated restitution to the Humane Society was not appropriate because the organization was not a victim in the case. Of course, that was not the point. The cost were incurred due to the defendant’s actions. Kim is living in the 1600s and he gets a special Pack of Putrid Punditry Award.