Most popular dog breed is actually the mutt

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The AKC has announced its annual list of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Of course in this case, its nothing more than an advertising gimmick to promote the sale of pure-bred dogs.

I beg to differ on which ‘breed’ is actually at the top of the list. The mutt is the all-time greatest and I contend that these dogs are the most popular. And of course, the most popular dog in 2013 should be the rescue dog – no matter what breed they are.

And after all – they’re all mixed-breeds. All dogs are wolf-hybrids. Some people are still paying thousands of dollars for some ‘champion’ dog of some royal-lineage, when they all can be traced back to wolves.

All so-called pure-bred dogs are the result mixed-breeding – in many cases going back thousands of years.  So ultimately, they are all mutts – domesticated wolf mutts.

And finally and sadly, there are people promoting the slaughter of your dog’s relatives out in the wild, in a number of states.

HSUS challenges the AKC to support anti-puppy mill measures

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The American Kennel Club has a long history of fighting against new legislation anywhere that might protect dogs from the cruelty of puppy mills. Now, as the date for the AKC Championships nears, the Humane Society of the US is calling for the national breed registry to finally step up to protect dogs from horrible breeding practices.

I’m really pleased to see the HSUS take this important stand. Just down the street from my neighborhood, I saw new sign yesterday, crudely hand-written on a piece of cardboard, announcing “AKC” puppies for sale. I’m sure the seller is using the AKC label as an advertising tool, to suggest the puppies are of high quality. But at the same time, the AKC will state it is only a registry and offers no guarantees for the consumer.
The press release from the HSUS is headlined – “As AKC National Championship Airs, The Humane Society of the United States Calls on the Nation’s Leading Dog Registry Group to Support Efforts to End Abuses at Puppy Mills.”

It is reported, as you will read below, that a one of the dogs featured at the 2009 AKC National Championships was bred by a breeder who is currently serving prison time on a conviction of 91 counts of animal cruelty. The breeder testified that his facility had been regularly inspected and passed by the AKC.

The release:

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(Jan. 30, 2013) –In the wake of one of the largest puppy mill cruelty convictions in history involving an American Kennel Club  ‘Champion’ breeder, and with Saturday’s scheduled broadcast of the AKC’s National Championship dog show, The Humane Society of the United States is appealing to the AKC to stop obstructing animal welfare reforms and to join efforts to protect dogs at commercial breeding facilities known as puppy mills, where the breeds made popular at the Championship are often churned out for sale online, through classified ads, and at pet stores across the nation.

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HSUS responds to Free-Roaming Cat Study

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I just received a press release under the headline – “The Humane Society of the United States Responds to Free-Roaming Cat Study.”

The HSUS rightfully supports the system of TNR – Trap-Neuter-Return. We all should be concerned with the impact on birds and other wildlife, in areas where feral cat populations have grown. But we cannot and should not blame the cats. The blame lies with irresponsible people who over time dumped and discarded their cats or failed to spay or neuter their pets.

Humans created domestic cats. Cats are not wildlife. Communities across the nation should fully support the groups taking part in TNR programs. It is the only humane and effective way to face this problem.

The complete HSUS press release:

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(Jan. 30, 2013)—Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, issued the following statement in response to the study published in Nature Communications by scientists from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on cat predation:

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Over two dozen pit bulls rescued from suspected dog fighting ring in Florida

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Twenty-six pit bulls were rescued Monday afternoon from a yard in Plant City, Fla., from what is believed to be a dog fighting operation.

ABC Action News quoted Pam Perry of the Hillsborough County Animal Services as saying,”It is weekly [that we bust these rings].”

Lets be extremely clear about this. We will continue to see reports of dogs being tortured in dog-fighting rings until laws are passed nationwide that will severely punish those involved. When I use the term “severely punish,” I mean sentencing the criminals to very, very long prison stays without any opportunity for parole.

We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg when we see news reports like this. How many dogs are not as lucky as the dogs in this case, who finally made it out. We’re got to make the punishment so severe that criminals will not want to take the chance.
As it stands now, an arrest for dog fighting is a minor inconvenience for the criminal. When will our elected officials nationwide learn this lesson? When will our elected officials decide to end this and so many other crimes involving violence against innocent people and animals?

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Arizona greyhound track could end live racing if state legislature acts on bill

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Another greyhound race track could fall out of the roles – hopefully – if the Arizona legislature passes a bill into law. The proposed legislation would allow simulcast betting on races from other tracks, while dropping the state’s requirement to hold live races at Tucson Greyhound Park.

Again, I keep noting these state requirements for racing are horrible. How can a state require a business to operate in this way, especially an industry with a history of abusing and killing dogs? But it could come to an end in Arizona. I think it’s time to outlaw simulcast betting on greyhound racing too, but if this is the next step that will help close down another track, I’ll take it for now.

The Arizona Daily Star reports even the Tucson Greyhound Park CEO is pushing for the legislation, as he states the racing business continues plummet. That’s certainly very good news and reflects the public’s increasing knowledge about the history of dog racing.

Now if the Florida state legislature would man up and drop the requirement for dog racing, we might finally see this industry shut down for good.

Ironicus Maximus offered his unique take on this news on his blog.

Pack Topics: Factory farming; dog fighting legislation; light sentencing

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Dog Fighting Bill: The ASPCA is cheering the latest federal legislative efforts to strengthen animal fighting laws.

Should the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act become the law of the land, attending an organized animal fight would be a federal offense, as would be the act of bringing a minor to an animal fight.

Let’s all hope this bill is signed into law – very soon.

Another light sentence for dog fighting: A man arrested for dog fighting in New Jersey has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge (fourth-degree animal cruelty) and was sentenced to just three years probation – with the emphasis on the word ‘just.’

An article posted Friday on notes – “” Investigators found treadmills rigged for dogs, spiked collars, dogfighting videos and batteries used to shock dogs … “” And get this; despite all of that evidence, he will not go to jail – and only during the probation period will he be barred from possessing animals.

When will mandatory, extended prison sentences and lifetime bans on possessing animals become the only option for judges, in cases of horrible acts of cruelty? How can any elected official anywhere or any judge anywhere be supportive of the current system?  The level of punishment in these cases only shows support for criminals.

Actress promoting factory farming reforms: Actress Kristen Bell is calling for the end in the use of gestation crates for pigs. She expressed those concerns directly to the CEO of the National Pork Producers Council.


Pack Topics: Spay/Neuter and Rescue

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The link to a very good column crossed the Pack News Wire this morning, concerning the topic of spay/neuter. From what I can gather from the site, Shela Boynton writes a regular column known as “Speaking for the Animals” for the Idyllwild Town Crier out of California.

In this particular piece, Boynton challenges the most common, falsely-developed arguments against sterilizing our pets – from the risks of surgical procedures to the really misguided excuses such as causing weight gain; going against nature and wanting kids to experience birth.

And of course, she notes the health benefits of spay/neuter. She also cites the statistics – the estimated 70,000 dogs and cats born every day in the US to the 4 to 5 million killed each year before they can find loving homes.

AND in St. Johns County, Fla, a dog who was stabbed and had her throat slashed is being adopted by the Sheriff’s deputy who saved her life.

The idiot who tried to kill Amber, stabbed and slashed her and then drug her into the woods to die, as reported by News 4 Jax. On the other end of the humanity scale are the deputy and the kind animal lovers who donated the $2,000 to cover her veterinary bills.