HBO sued concerning treatment of horses during the filming of the series “Luck”

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Isn’t it bad enough that horses are abused in horse racing? Did a series about horse racing have to go this route – allegedly at least?

A lawsuit charges a number of horses were drugged, underweight and sick during the production of the show. And the Guardian reports this – “” Barbara Casey’s suit filed Monday says she was wrongfully fired from her post at the American Humane Association after complaining about the conditions horses faced on the show … “” And it is claimed that four horses died during the filming.

Maybe we need movie based on the treatment of horses in the racing industry.

The New York Times ArtsBeat blog also has a post about this news.

3 thoughts on “HBO sued concerning treatment of horses during the filming of the series “Luck”

  1. Animals were treated horribly during the filming of The Hobbit, some even died. Its more than horse “racing”…its horse drawn carriages, horse walking (where they torture horses using spring), Harrell racing, rodeos, etc.
    When I wish and I pray, I always include the hope that animals will stop being used for human entertainment. It’s just not our ” right ” to do that to them. We were not put on this earth to torture animals.

  2. Veronica,

    I agree VERY MUCH with everything you wrote there.

    Our so-called “dominion” over the animals actually means we should be protecting them from cruelty, abuse and neglect.

    Thank you for joining the conversation.

  3. There were some serious typos in my previous post. Sorry about that. I was mentioning soring when referring to horse walking competitions.

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