LAPD officers save the life of a pit bull and then adopt him

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MyFoxLA reports a pit bull was recently hit by car in Los Angeles and was left suffering on the side of the road for hours, while people walked by without even calling for help. But three LAPD police officers spotted him and saved his life.

He was rushed to an emergency facility, where a microchip was found that allowed them to locate Philly’s guardian. But they could not afford the $10,000 medical bill that covers the repair of his broken leg.

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KTTV reported the dogs previous guardian was quoted as saying, “We can’t afford it. Put him down. We don’t want him.” I can understand how $10,000 is too much for some people to afford, but the “Put him down; we don’t want him” part is sad.

Three of the police officers have adopted Philly.

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