New study of golden retrievers could lead to important findings on canine cancer

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A new study that I hope will be groundbreaking will feature 3,000 golden retrievers, who will be tracked for genetic, nutritional and environmental risks to cancer. The Associated Press reports much of $25 million needed for the research is coming from the Morris Animal Foundation.

The AP article includes this interesting note: “” The study will also try to measure factors in a dog’s life, such as how fun and an owner’s love affect the animal’s health and longevity. “”

It seems to be a very comprehensive approach. But I hope the researchers will not be squeamish about publishing any negative findings about breeding practices. Certainly, a good bit of blame on the rate of cancers in dogs can be placed on poor breeding factors or breeders who ignore rates of cancer in the offspring of the canines they breed.

Not all breeders do this.