Writer agrees with me – big dog shows and popular breed lists are marketing tools

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I’m glad I ran across a column earlier today, headlined – “Beware: Westminster Dog Show Picks Will Also Become Puppy-Mill Favorites” – on the Opposing Views website.

Phyllis M Daugherty notes Westminster Dog Show this week comes on the heels of the release of the most popular dog breeds by the AKC. And it’s all marketing. And she rightfully notes puppy mills operators will be gearing up to sell puppies people see on the list and in the show.

So uniformed people will watch and then run to the web to look for breeders in their area or they’ll run out to a store to buy a puppy. And they’ll do this while millions of purebred dogs and mixed breeds are waiting in shelters or with rescue groups for new homes.

And it is the rescue dogs who are the greatest dogs in the world.