Previously fined and jailed breeder reportedly uses loophole to sell puppies over the Web

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This is clearly an example of why we need to close the huge loopholes in our breeding regulations. For the folks who always claim that all we need to do enforce existing laws, this story referenced below is one of the important examples of why they are so wrong.

KOMO News out of Seattle, Wash. reports on a breeder who is back in the business of selling puppies, despite having been repeatedly fined, having her license suspended and serving jail time for “animal-related violations.” This breeder is using the Internet loophole in federal regulations to breed and sell puppies.

The breeder reportedly moved her operation to Missouri, one state where the regulations are still rather weak on puppy mills. In 2010 and 2011, her operation made the Humane Society of the US’s “dirty dozen” puppy mills in Missouri.

The amount of evidence against this breeder, referenced in the KOMO News story, is extensive. And I give a lot of credit to the outlet for its reporting on this case.