More info on PUPS Act

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The reintroduction of the PUPS Act in the US Congress, which would close the Internet loophole for puppy sellers – and help crack down on puppy mills – is incredibly important.

I want to publicize this as much as possible, so when I see news stories or columns cross the Pack New Wire, I will post them here on the blog.

KOMO News reports breeder Wendy Laymon’s kennel facility –

….has not been inspected by the USDA since the feds pulled her license. Her puppy mill in Snohomish County was raided in 1999, dogs seized, and Laymon sent to jail.

And Opposing Views highlighted Laymon’s operation Friday, reporting she began selling dogs over the Web as soon as she was released from jail – through the Internet loophole.

AND in related news, protestors from Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills lined up outside a pet store on February 23. The Scarborough Leader ran an article on Friday about the group’s effort. A quote from the store’s website was included, claiming over 8,000 breeders are regulated by the USDA. – Really? – Is this suppose to give customers some confidence?

We need to see the passage of the PUPS Act, to close the gaping loophole in the laws, and we need more effort poured into enforcement and regular inspections for all commercial breeding operations. Shutting down puppy mills and seriously regulating dog and cat breeding will save taxpayer funds in the long run. And it will help to save lives and end suffering.