Bill could ban sale of animals at swap meets in Nevada

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A new bill working its way through the Nevada State Legislature would ban the sale of animals at swap meets. It should go further – in banning the sale of animals at swap meets and fairs, yard sales, auction events, flea markets and along roadsides.

KTNV reports opponents of Assembly Bill 246 claim changes have been made at the Broad Acres Swap Meet, where conditions for the animals will be improved and only licensed breeders will be allowed to sell pets. Clearly, this is not enough – not even close to being enough.

Selling pets at a swap meet is similar to selling pets in pet stores. Both should be completely banned.

There is another issue, where some are calling for the removal from the bill of an exemption for rescue groups. So this has become a debate that could hold up the bill.

We should have a nationwide ban on selling pets at events such as this. Rescue groups are another issue. Rescue groups should use a system of applications for prospective adoptive individuals and families. If a particular group attends an event such as a fair or market or store-front event, I don’t see that as a problem – as long as the application process is in place.


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